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William Rose
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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I love to learn about world history and culture. I am practicing how to draw so that I can visualize the story that I am writing if I create a video game or animated series. My ZEON series is a book I am writing so that I can remember plotlines and character detail if I do create a video game. It is based on alternate history and dimensions. A few of the main characters in one of my stories are Faragorn Urialdor, Gaex Troy, Draco Mavius, Sgt. Benjamin, and TDP312.

I have many plotlines that I want to finish writing into my story, but I do not often have free time to finish writing. My MH stories, such as Silent Lake and Moon of Memories, are quick comics I do when I have free time. My ZEON series is the story I am currently writing. I am practicing in drawing so that I can eventually create a comic version of the story.

Mentor: :iconrawrsexykitty:
Derpy but beloved friend: :iconrayne-storme:
Best friend: :iconathorment:
Close friends and awesome people: :iconsoaringmoose: :iconfreespiritedgirl: :iconstrawberrypuddin::iconzanyzarah: :iconcatastrapostrophe: :iconblackrain100: :iconamaruneebony: :iconjaytheleaf: :iconyami-star: :iconkingonair: :iconsonne-sai:
Friends I need to interact more with: :iconspichinka: :iconlizziecat1279: :iconinferno-aries: :iconlunarartemisia: :icontrutoself: :iconxowish: :iconinkqubus: :iconmaipee-chan: :iconhiyonori-yumiko: :iconxverdelet: :iconsketcher-taku: :icontoasternomicon: :iconcolorsareawesome:
Not as close anymore, but still friends I wish to interact more with: :iconv-oblivion: :icondigitalroar::iconfireflowermaiden: :iconwolfah: :icona-new-note: :iconwatolf: :iconsorryiwasntlisening: :iconsyntheticpotato: :iconvalorebony: :iconechoing-delcrystal: :iconmesuta: :iconthe-virgo-fairy: :iconrpingriku937: :iconakusreu:
Xbox ID: TDP312
Steam ID: Adenrose666 (Balisk)
Stories written (Zeon): 19.
Characters created (Zeon): 1,309.
Favorite color: Green. Also like purple, black, and white.
Favorite animals: Raven, fox, phoenix, and dragon/wyvern.
Favorite music: Celtic, violin, and instrumental.
Favorite abilities: Shapeshifting, time-travel, and inter-dimensional travel.

Some interesting groups:

:iconmonsteracademy: If you are interested in a roleplay group of youthful monsters in a modern day academy setting, then you might find this awesome group fun ^^ Most questions and other info on the group can be read in its journals, and anything else can be asked towards any mods available in the OOC chatroom. Current student enrollments for Monster Academy are now open and will end the 17th, so hurry in those apps. ouo

:iconmisfit-isle: Misfit Isle is an island hidden deep in the middle of the ocean. No humans have ever come across it, at least to any one's knowledge. It is home to living toys, that may have been abused or abandoned or just tired of being passed of from one human or another.

:iconland-of-hyrule: A unique fan-group based on the Legend of Zelda taking place some time around over a hundred years after Ocarina of Time, a time to pick new Sages and hero who will save them from disaster. It has a fascinating and unique plot and take on this universe's incarnations of characters.

:icondistorted-town: Distorted Town is creepy and dark setting taking place in a Ghost Town of sorts, where technology fails to work and your character might not even know how they ended up in the town. The species of character is not restricted as long as they are properly balanced, and you have a choice of creating either a Ghost, Runaway, or Murderer.

:iconkemoyaoicomplex: A group made by a friend, Kemo-Yaoi Complex is a group where your character is a Kemonomimi (part human part animal) who takes sanctuary within an apartment complex dedicated to other homeless Kemonomimis and may also seek employment there.


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I'm mainly hoping to earn points to help friends out or to commission gifts when they feel down. Reaching the goal isn't necessary, but if you are kind enough to spare any points would be appreciated ^^

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Tagged Mental Hospital Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2015, 12:48 AM
  • Listening to: Alice Theme 3 (I like sad music)
  • Reading: Various things
  • Watching: Agents of Shield
  • Playing: Flight Rising
  • Eating: Tacos
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

Tagged long ago. I forget by who though, partially think it was :dev:lunarartemisia: or xoWish ?

To make things go faster and funnier, using a Randomizer for the answers.

You're OC in a mental hospital.

1. Chosen OC that ends up in the Mental Hospital:
Samir (MA)… / lol, he probably wouldn't even mind it much.

2. Their roommate:
Isa (DS)

3. Their Doctor:
Felix (MA)… / She might not make a good doctor XD

4. Person licking the windows:
Hirune (JS)… / If I could choose, would had picked Saria since she enjoys licking things, but guess could work for Hirune as well since she has an endless appetite XD

5. Person stashing food in the corners:
Maline (MA)… / This one actually makes great sense XD She loves to eat.

6. Person acting like an animal:
Wade (MA)… / Poor Wade, but he is a Dragon so could work for his monster form XD

7. Person helping them escape:
Saria (MA)… / Well, she is an expert digger.

8. Person yelling nonsense about clowns:
Karyme (JS)… / Not sure how to explain this one o3o

9. Person who is running around with a frying pan:
Moana (JS)… / She probably got it glued to her hands lD

10. Person who believes that he/she is able to control when the end of the world occurs:
Celestina (MA)… / There's actually an AU based off of a joke of how large her future family would be that they replace the human race XD It would also be more of her parasite, Selec's, thing with world domination.

11. Person going crazy:
Soraya (MA)… / Could probably call her that with how often she mirrors your movements.

12. Person who was under at least ten restraining orders:
Hoshi (DT)… / Not fitting for her personality, but some Yuki Onna do have a Yandere like personality XD

13. Person who is strapped down to their bed:
Blair (JS)… / Not for long though o3o She's a master escape artist.

14. Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster:
Nika (JS)… / Nika: Noooooooooooo- Hamham qnq

15. Person who is the most sane out of everybody:
Faelan (JS)… / He would feel honored about that XD Too bad he gets bad luck in canon

I tag rayne-storme


Things I want but won't likely afford for a long while:

- Books on Sherlock, the rest of the Left Behind series, and more Odd Thomas or anything by Dean Koontz.

- Friends to play Dragon Nest MMO with.

- Wii with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, LoZ: Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Epic Mickey 1 or 2, and Mario Kart.

- Ps2 with Final Fantasy X.

- Nintendo DS with Pokemon Black, White, X, Y, or Gates to Infinity, Ace Attorney: Dual Destiny and any sequels, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, any Disgaea, any Professor Layton.

- Xbox 360 with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, Soul Calibur III, IV, and V, Minecraft, Destiny, Resident Evil 6, Grand Theft Auto IV or V, Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, LA Noire, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham Knight, Halo Trilogy, Halo Reach, Halo ODST, Portal 1 and 2, Devil May Cry trilogy, Watch Dogs, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Dishonored, Alien: Isolation, any Naruto: Ninja Storm, any One Piece, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, SkullGirls, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

- PS3 with Kingdom Hearts 2 remix and Birth by Sleep, Heavy Rain, Any Final Fantasy, any Tales of series, Dragon Age.

- Games for PC/Steam include: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, Any Monkey Island series, Hitman Absolution, Resident Evil 5, Oddworld Abe's Oddysee, and Abe's Exodus. Just Cause 2, Battleblock Theater, Don't Starve.

- A higher quality keyboard piano.

- A good tablet.

- A lava lamp.

- Draconic figurines or other dragon themed decorations.

- Doctor Who novels.

- money and some way to travel and visit certain friends OTL


Yo, check out these cool groups. 

4 deviants said :iconmonsteracademy:
1 deviant said :iconland-of-hyrule:
1 deviant said :iconjirachistation:
1 deviant said :iconmisfit-isle:
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10:52 pm
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Feb 25, 2015
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