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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 3:23 AM
:iconmonsteracademy: If you are interested in a roleplay group of youthful monsters in a modern day academy setting, then you might find this awesome group fun ^^ Most questions and other info on the group can be read in its journals, and anything else can be asked towards any mods available in the OOC chatroom. Current student enrollments for Monster Academy are now open and will end the 17th, so hurry in those apps. ouo

:iconriese-krieger: Riese Krieger is a unique group taking place in an Original Setting merging together the universes of Pokemon and Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Your character would be one of various Pokemon Gijinka (see the reservations list for what types are available) training to take down giant monsters called Colossi, who take the appearance of abominations of various Pokemon in one. Openings for new members start on the 15th.

:iconmystwatch: Mystwatch is a relatively new group set in a medieval-like setting. Your character would be one of several variations of Humans or Elves, and their role in the village of Mystwatch depends on one of various jobs you assign your character. Characters start at the beginner stage of a job until they pass through their ranks to the top, and those who join the Military are in charge of defending the village from hordes of monsters that attack the village at night, and few of many more who lurk about in the further dangerous wilderness.

:iconkemoyaoicomplex: For the Yaoi lovers, Kemo-Yaoi Complex is a group where your character is a Kemonomimi (part human part animal) who takes sanctuary within an apartment complex dedicated to other homeless Kemonomimis and may also seek employment there.

:icondistorted-town: Final on the list is Distorted Town. A creepy and dark setting taking place in a Ghost Town of sorts, where technology fails to work and your character might not even know how they ended up in the town. The species of character is not restricted as long as they are properly balanced, and you have a choice of creating either a Ghost, Runaway, or Murderer.

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William Rose
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I love to learn about world history and culture. I am practicing how to draw so that I can visualize the story that I am writing if I create a video game or animated series. My ZEON series is a book I am writing so that I can remember plotlines and character detail if I do create a video game. It is based on alternate history and dimensions. A few of the main characters in one of my stories are Faragorn Urialdor, Gaex Troy, Draco Mavius, Sgt. Benjamin, and TDP312.

I have many plotlines that I want to finish writing into my story, but I do not often have free time to finish writing. My MH stories, such as Silent Lake and Moon of Memories, are quick comics I do when I have free time. My ZEON series is the story I am currently writing. I am practicing in drawing so that I can eventually create a comic version of the story.

Xbox ID: TDP312
Stories written (Zeon): 19.
Characters created (Zeon): 1,309.
Favorite color: Green. Also like purple, black, and white.
Favorite animals: Raven, fox, phoenix, and dragon/wyvern.
Favorite music: Celtic, violin, and instrumental.
Favorite abilities: Shapeshifting, time-travel, and inter-dimensional travel.

Favorite Artists:
RuDragon/Phation- He has one of my three favorite styles of artwork. I hope to get my artwork close to looking like his. He is currently absent due to difficulties in school, so I wish him luck and hope he returns when he feels better.

Cervelet: He has an Addictive comic series based on Science. Some of his work is inspiring technology I am thinking of using for my story.

Chocochimbu: I like the style of her artwork. She draws Pokemon artwork for the PMD-E group.

ColorsAreAwesome:… Her artwork is an inspiration to me. Her work started out amateur-like like mine, but it started to improve very quickly once she invented her Tiki character.

Starfire435: Another inspiration to me. She also inspired some of Color's work. She has a nice style and several good comic series. I really like the design of her Donko character.

Yuumei: A very talented artist whose Knite series is popular. Her work is inspiring and I hope to get my Zeon series close to her level of art style.

Coyox: An artist who draws mostly anthro artwork. I really like how realistic some of his work is.

Haychel: A talented artist in the PMD-D group, but he also draws Digimon, animals, and fanart. I would like to get my PMD-E drawing close to his style.

GabrielDLTC: Another artist whose style I would like to get my artwork close to. He mostly draws animals and bats. He has a good comic called West Waterirk.

Kurisu-Lang: An artist in the PMD-E group. He is great at drawing icons.

Spectrum-VII: (Formerly TheCakeIsALie) Another talented artist who draws both realistic and cartoon artwork. This is the style I would most like my artwork to get close to looking like

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